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Evaluation for my media film

Here is my final evaluation for my media film.


Our final film

This is our final draft of our film ‘Forget Yesterday’

Distributor of film noir films research

I am researching who film noir films have been distributed by to get an idea of who would distribute our film if it had the right backing and better quality.

Double Indemnity- Paramount

The Killers- Universal

Maltese Falcon- Warner Bros

Sunset Boulevard- Paramount

Third Man- British Lion Films

Rebecca- United Artists

Audience feedback

Here are a couple of volunteers who watched our film and gave us some feedback on it

Slow motion running

This clip shows the character ‘jason’ running away from the murder scene. I cut this in two and made the second part of the clip low down to 70% speed instead of 100%. There is a fade to black effect transition after the clip. This makes the scene look enigmatic. The lower speed adds to the atmosphere as it makes the clip flow better and the transition makes a continuous flow to the next scene.

Production company logo

I had the job of making a production company logo for the film. I wanted to stick to the colour theme of black red and white as i felt this had a dark noir effect to it. We called it HEL productions and will put this logo into our film. I created the image myself using different softwares.

best pic


Editing our clips

In our group we all took an opportunity to edit some of the film clips. We adjusted the brightness, contrast, colour, blacks, whites, saturation, mids and more. We did this to make our film clips look like a noir style film and look fairly similar to each other. We added filters and video transitions to make it run smoother and give it a professional look.