Script for our film…

Opening titles and character names running with sound in the background of a murder happening.

Scream of pain heard and then a body collapsing to the floor.

Paula: No…. no no NO!!!

Titles finish rolling and the black background of the titles fades into the scene, revealing two main characters, Jason Smith and Paula Grayson, and a dead body on the floor, the body of Richard Hunt. A terrified and shocked look is shown on both of their faces.

Jason: What the… did… that really just…happen?

Paula stands in silence, paralysed in fear, then attempts to say something, but this ends up as a whisper that can’t be heard. She eventually manages to say something.

Paula: Get out… Now.

Jason: But, I can’t le..

Paula: (A mixture of anger and fear) Now.

Paula begins to break down and kneels on the floor, eventually choosing to sit. Jason runs out as quick as he can.

Jason runs through the forest, through many different areas, as fast as he can, not caring where he’s going, just hoping that he gets as far away from what just happened as possible.

Jason: (In his head) What the hell did I do? Richard… he didn’t deserve it… but it’s too late now… he’s lying in a pool of his own blood. I just have to get out of here. As quick as possible. I just want to escape it all. Forget it all. Just move on…

After a while of running, Jason becomes exhausted and loses focus. He loses his footing, smashes his head on the side of a tree as he falls, and then collapses on the ground, unconscious.

The scene shifts to Detective Jackson arriving at the scene of the murder, having been informed by a worried neighbour after hearing screaming and then seeing a man darting out of the house. The scene then shifts again to Paula inside the house by herself, who still remains sat down, still shocked.

Paula: What… just happened. What did I do? What did he do? Who said what? This is all just a big mess… I don’t know how I feel… This is horrible… just horrible… like a nightmare… Richard? No… he’s dead…

Jackson walks in to discover Paula sitting next to the body, a knife on the floor in front of her, motionless, in shock, about to break down.

Jackson: Your first kill? It shows… most are like this after they do it. And don’t try and lie your way out of this. There’s a dead body on the floor. There’s a knife on the floor directly in front of you covered in blood, and you’re the only one here. Something tells me that it may be you. You’re under arrest for suspicion of murder.

Paula: (Still sitting on the floor, scared) No! It…it wasn’t me! Please… you have to understand! It was him… Jason! He ran… he put the knife in my hand and ran… I tried to resist… but there was nothing I could do… I’m innoce… (Paula passes out from exhaustion and fear)

The screen cuts to black as Paula loses consciousness. The scene shifts to Jason waking up. He finds himself unable to remember anything.

Jason: Wh… what?? What’s going on?

A few fragments of the memory of the night before happen in Jason’s head, this begins to him believing that he is a murderer. The images seen are Richard collapsing, Paula backing away in fear, and Jason running. After the flashbacks have finished, Jason simply stands in shock at what he believes might have occurred. The screen cuts to black with the title appearing also. The opening ends.

The script was created by Lewis Joslin.
Inspiration for lines of the script were taken from Ed Mitchell.

We will give a copy of this to each of our actors so they know what lines they have to learn and what to do.


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