Title ideas – audience research

We have thought of 5 different ideas for a title for our media film noir film. The titles are as follows:

Forget Yesterday

We asked our audience what they thought of each title to find out which one was the most popular.

As a result of our research we have decided to name the film ‘forget yesterday’ we feel it fits the film well, is catchy and was the most popular choice of the research also it has a hidden meaning and entices the audience to what happens in the film.. The people we interviewed liked the title as; it foreshadowed amnesia, you would want to forget the event, it links to the narrative of the film, more than one word so catchy, the character is trying to remember what happened and it has a ring to it and its simple to know what it means. The names were thought of by Ed mitchell, the filming was done by Lewis Joslin and myself.


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