Props for our film..

In our film we will be using a few props. Here is a list i made to show what we will be using.

Here is a list of what we are going to use and why.




We will be using a kitchen knife as our weapon of choice.

Paula the main female role will be holding the knife when

the detective walks in, therefore making her the main suspect.

The knife will be a basic household kitchen knife which looks

like a weapon that could be used for a murder case.



We will be using a ketchup for the victims wound. The character

will be lying dead on the floor with blood (ketchup) coming from his

body. The ketchup will make it look realistic.

Blackberry flashlight


We will be using a blackberry flashlight to highlight key parts in the scene.

We will be creating chiaroscuro and this light will help us to

show the contrast of light. Also it creates large shadows which is

a classic noir feature.


One response to “Props for our film..

  • Adrian Morris

    Good! Remember, if you want to be loyal to the thriller genre and Film Noir in particular then showing the knife sparingly is ideal. Horror films often highlight props like these so you want to avoid this.

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