Audition Poster

This is our groups poster we made. We will be holding auditions for our two lead roles in our movie and so we created a poster using a photograph taken by us and edited in fireworks to advertise the auditions. We used noir characteristics to create the poster such as black  smoke, Rembrandt style side lighting, old glasses and hat and chiaroscuro. We chose to use these as our film project is based on film noir and thought this is an eye-catching way to present the opportunity.

This is the process we went through in making the poster. We took the original picture of Lewis at school in drama. We used a dark space where we then shone a light onto half of his face copying Rembrandt style side lighting. We then put the picture into black and white and found a smoky black background picture we wanted to use. On fireworks we cut around the figure and copied it onto the smoky background. Then we added text so the audience knew what it was for. We were pleased with the result as it looked attention grabbing and used film noir qualities. This picture was taken by myself and edited by Lewis Joslin and myself. The writing was added on by Lewis Joslin but the overall product was teamwork between the two of us.


One response to “Audition Poster

  • Adrian Morris

    This is a superb poster. Show off your skills further here and post the original photos so the moderator can see how the original has been manipulated.

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