Neo Noir research- Batman Begins

Batman Begins 

  • Dark Image
  • Tense loud music
  • Injured
  • Fighting scenes
  • Subdued colours
  • Dark rooms with  light through the window
  • Rembrandt style side lighting
  • Colour as newer
  • Flashbacks
  • Shadows
  • Omni-scient view of surrounding
  • Death/Murder
  • Guns moder fighting
  • 2sides of character
  • Contrast of light and dark
  • Dark alleys
  • Mob ties
  • Lawyer/inspecter character
  • Dutiful women
  • Good vs Evil
  • Fast edits

This clip includes many noir qualities such as a gun fight, icon, dark, alleys, mob, fighting, smoke, death, Rembrandt style side lighting for contrast in good and evil for the character.

In Batman Begins classic film noir characteristics were challenged and modernized, for example the lighting was in colour as the progression in technology allowed films to be in colour. Most scenes used a dark atmosphere which mirrored the darkness of the plot. Lighting was a big part of this film and uses a contrast in dark and light to show the two different characteristics of the person. The film also uses some classic qualities of film noir as they use the theme of the dutiful women and use a lot of violence and criminal activity.

The setting of the scene was mainly in dark alleys but some omni-scient shots were used of the surroundings giving the audience an idea of the surroudnings. When the scenes gets dark we see the main character getting involved with violent people. The lighting in the film is very dark which mirrors the dark personality of the characters and of the scenes.

Batman makes use of many modern noir qualities such as gun fights car chases mob ties and the overall theme of good vs evil. The character in the film is dark and creates enigma as the audience feel like he is reserved and hiding something. This makes the audience want to watch on and find out what happens. Its set in America which is a perfect setting for a gangster style noir to be set. The character has had his parents murdered and we feel like he wants revenge and to defeat the bad men. This is a Neo noir that makes use of some film noir qualities and others are modernised. This is 1/5 noir research  that I have done.


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