Neo Noir research- Drive

Drive (2011)

• Starts off slow-paced before the action
• Dark run down setting
• Classic noir tough guy
• Defensive and ready to do whatever it takes at a moment’s notice.
• We don’t know much about our “hero” to start
• Quiet and moody creates enigma and that he is hiding something
• The LA streets and back alleys are a classic setting for a noir style film
• Someone gets him involved with a dodgy ex-movie producer with complicated mob ties
• Involved with the wrong kind of people.
• Gruesome and violent path.
• Relationship with his ‘dutiful woman’ neighbor (Carey Mulligan) and her son.
• Car chases action starts violent and fast paced
• Dark dull setting and storyline
• Modern interpretation of film noir
• In colour as progression in technology
• Murder and violence plays a big park
• Character shows 2 different personalities

In Drive classic film noir characteristics were challenged and modernized, for example the lighting was in colour which was used as the technology had progressed. In most scenes a dark atmosphere was used to represent the theme of the film and to show the pessimism. A light was used to highlight the characters characteristics and the contrast between light and dark could mirror the two sides of personalities the characters have.  The film also uses some classic qualities of film noir as they use the theme of the dutiful women and use a lot of violence and criminal activity.

The setting of the scene was split and mirrors the personality of the character as he usually spends time with the family and his lover in the daylight and is a calm guy. But when it gets dark we see him get involved in a dark violent path. The lighting in the film is very dark which mirrors the dark personality of the characters and of the scenes. Some of the scenes are light and this is when he is with his neighbour and we see a softer side of him.

Drive has many car chases and gun fights, the film makes use of many modern noir qualities. The character in the film is dark and creates enigma as the audience feel like he is reserved and hiding something. This makes the audience want to watch on and find out what happens. The theme of this film is noir thriller with some use of violence and criminal activity. Its set in America which is a perfect setting for a gangster style noir to be set. This is 1/5 noir research  that I have done.


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