Film noir plot ideas

For our project in media we will be making a film based on the theme of Film Noir. In our group we all came up with some ideas which we will take some ideas from and then finalize a plot which we will use for our film. The ideas we though of were..

A story set just after ww2 in the late 40s/early 50s. The main character will be a male soldier who fought in the war and as a result got severely injured and suffers from amnesia. The man will keep getting flashbacks from the experiences in the war and goes mental from not being able to remember anything. He goes crazy and murders an innocent woman who is in love with him, she will represent the dutiful woman. He gets flashbacks of what he did to her. In the end he cannot cope with the guilt and commits suicide. The story sticks to the dark theme and pessimistic tone of classic Film Noir but we could add some elements of colour to modernise the film.

Lewis’ story is set in modern times and starts off in a house, there are three characters; one dead guy, one guy with a knife and one protagonist. The protagonist runs out in fear. He ends up falling over into a ditch and becomes unconscious, he wakes up in

the ditch and loses his memory. He becomes a sufferer of amnesia and tries to work out what has happened. The police find him and ask him questions about the murder. They accuse him of the crime and he is forced to prove his innocence. Plot twist he was the killer and the guy with the knife tried to take it off him but he was the actual killer.

We tried to think of some ideas from different times and different plots so that we had a wide choice of what we could pick.


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