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Final plot idea for our film

This is a slide share i have made showing the final plot idea for our film. The plot is very detailed and long so i added lots of pictures and made it more interesting for the audience.


Auditions for our film noir film.

We auditioned a few people for a role in our film and recorded the auditions so we could decide who we wanted to appear in the role. This is the audition video made and recorded and directed by myself and Lewis Joslin. The roles are;

The Detective

Robert Nash Joshua Green Ryan Mcdonagh Lewis Joslin Ben Cornhill


Frankie Abbott Alice White Cara Weatherley Alexis Proctor Ben Cornhill


Lewis Joslin Robert Nash

Here is the final piece..

Conventions of opening title sequences


  • Colourful
  • 70s theme
  • Fun
  • Background music
  • Dance and catchy music
  • Retro

Order of sequence; Main conglomerate, Production company, name of film, main actors, casting by.., costume design, co-producers, music by, edited by, production designer, photography, produced by, directed by

I love how fun and colourful this sequence is but i wont be basing any of our ideas for our film noir film on this as it has no qualities of noir in it. The music is very catchy and fun but we have a dark story line in our film and this isn’t a good one to base it on. However the sequence in the order of the people who made the film will be relatively similar to ours.  Putting the actors names first, then producers and finally the director.

Austin Powers: The spy who shagged me 

  • Colourful
  • Enjoyable to watch
  • Music
  • Simple
  • Funny
  • Camp
  • Recognisable music

Order of sequence; Name of film, actors, casting by, music producers, costume designer, edited by, production design, photography designer, associate and executive producers, produced by, written by, directed by

This opening scene has a really simple way of putting who was involved in the making of the movie and we will be using a few of those ideas including the order in which they put them in. For example we will put the names of the actors first then the producers and finally the director. However this clip is so camp and fun which is great for the films audience but i wont be taking any ideas of it when making our film.


  • Bond background music
  • Dark
  • Simple
  • Pleasing to men
  • Sophisticated

Order of sequence; producers, main actors, name of film, production design, photography design, editors, art director, production manager, camera make up design wardrobe dresser hair manager, special effects, title designer, music, produced by, directed by.

This clip is quite dark and we will use some of the qualities we need for our film noir film. The background sound to this clip relates to the clip and the simplistic style will be a good characteristic for us to use in our film. Also the order of the titles is a normal sequence and we will use this when it comes to our film, putting the actors names first, then producers and finally the director.

Most frequently in opening title sequences the name of the film is presented followed by the names of the most famous actors in the film. After that the names of the other cast members are shown. Following this the name of the producers or the conglomerate are shown. Then any producers or designers involved with the mise-en-scene in the film are shown. Finally the director name appears at the end and then the film begins. This is made by Myself to show the title sequences.

Neo Noir Research- Panic Room

Panic Room (2002)

  • Tension
  • Suspense
  • Violence
  • Dark Surroundings
  • Isolation
  • Entrapment
  • Good vs evil
  • Dark large house
  • Tense music
  • Foregrounded sound
  • Fast edits
  • Colour film- newer
  • Shadows
  • Gangster feel

In Panic room classic film noir characteristics are modernized, for example the lighting was in colour which was used as the technology had progressed. In most scenes a dark atmosphere was used to represent the theme of the film and to show the dark things happening to them.

At the beginning of the film the scenes are lighter and then gradually get darker, this shows that the bad men have an influence on them. A light was used to highlight the characters characteristics and the contrast between light and dark could mirror the two sides of personalities the characters have.  The film also uses some classic qualities of film noir as they use the theme of  violence and crime.

The setting of the film is set in a large dark house which creates a sense of isolation in which the characters are trapped inside. This keeps the audience on edge. The lighting in the film is very dark which mirrors the dark personality of the characters and of the scenes.

Panic Room has a lot of violence and crime which is a classic noir quality. The characters in the film are quiet and brave this makes the audience feel like they are scared and feel tense which makes them feel scared for them. This makes the audience want to watch on and find out what happens. The theme of this film is noir thriller with some use of violence and criminal activity. Its set in America which is a perfect setting for a gangster style noir to be set. This is 1/5 noir research  that I have done.

SpicyNodes: Repertoire of elements in my research

This is a diagram showing the repertoire of elements used in the films i have researched. The conventions i chose to research are characters, iconography, audience response, themes, style, setting and narrative. I looked at these in the films i researched to get further information from them to help me to understand Film Noir and Neo Noir a further bit more. I researched 5 films all containing features from Noir each represented in a different way and showed them on a spicynodes diagram.

Audition script

Here is the script we will be giving to people when they audition for a role in our film. The conversation is between Paula, Jason and the detective. The two roles are for Jason and Paula and we will see who plays the roles the best and then make a decision on who we want in the film. The script was written by Ed Mitchell but the design and script picture was designed by myself.

Research- Thriller Conventions

Thriller conventions

  •  Low key lighting
  • Suspense
  • Attack
  • Murder
  • Dark
  • Jumpy
  • Monotone drone
  • Good vs evil
  • Zinger- sudden sounds
  • Red herrings
  • Isolation
  • Dramatic irony

Many thrillers nowadays are hybrids meaning a film that has elements or conventions from more than one type or genre of film.Usually the narrative in thriller films are about crime for example theft or a murder. Film Noir is a particular kind of thriller film and so it has common generic thriller conventions as well as its own unique conventions.The protagonist is more often than not in danger in one or more scenes it is resolved. A build up in suspense throughout the film is common and is usually action packed. Some themes of identity are common for example mistaken identity or amnesia. Enigma is a huge part of the films and is used to make the setting mysterious and keep the audience on edge.The antagonist is usually placed in a dark situation where escape seems impossible.Tense music is used to make the audience feel on edge.

The heroes in most thrillers are frequently tough men commonly involved in danger for example a law enforcement officers, spies, soldiers, seamen, or pilots, but may also be ordinary people drawn into danger by accident. Most heroes have traditionally been played by a male role, women characters are becoming  more common. Danger mystery and violence are standard plot elements and most recently horror. The main element of thrill could be anything such as a supernatural, aliens, serial killers or even chemicals. Some overlapping genres include: adventure, spy, legal, war, fiction, and so on.

Some new thriller films i have seen recently include;

  • Next three days – Russel Crowe
  • Contraband – Mark Wahlburg
  • Unstoppable – Denzel Washington
  • Source code – Jake Gyllenhall
  • Unknown – Liam Neeson
  • Abduction – Taylor Lautner
  • Chronicle – Alex Russel
  • Gone – Amanda Seyfried
  • Man on a ledge – Sam Worthington
  • Safe house – Ryan Reynolds

These films are very typical from the thriller genre. They all include action packed plots and a protagonist that has to defeat something/one in its path. In every film the main character gets involved in a dark path and is uses the theme good vs evil to get out of the situation and ‘save the day’. Most of the films are quite dark and mainly use a male protagonist as the main character. This empowers the men and make them look like the hero. Many thriller films are hybrids mixed with action or romance. I researched this myself as its something relevant to the film we are making.