Good and bad points to our task

As a team we had many strengths but we also found some weaknesses looking back at the film. A good point would be that we all worked well as a team and allowed us to capture the shots quickly and of good quality. We assigned different jobs to each other so we knew what we had to do. For example I was in charge of filming, Ed was the accused and Lewis was the accuser which meant that things were organised effectively. The videos we took linked well together and the finishing product was professional. A weakness in the performance would be that the continuity between the shots in 2 of the scenes were different. For example we had our teacher in one shot and when we moved the camera angle he ha gone. Also when we filmed the panning of the room you could see nobody in the chair reflected in the mirror but when Ed starts walking over Lewis is sitting down. To improve we could make sure all the videos link together seamlessly and that the continuity is better but overall we all worked well together and created a good first preliminary task.


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