Analysing the preliminary task

In the preliminary task my group and I made use of a variety of different techniques of continuity throughout the film. We started off with a panning shot of Ed walking towards a door. The action mirrored his movement and allowed a smooth seamless transition to the next scene. When he gets to the door a match on action shot is used. We chose this shot to show Ed walking through the door but by cutting out the middle section and moving the camera to another point where we can see him travelling through. We have cut from just after the action has started, in this example Ed opening the door. We finish with the action of just coming through the door. Once he has entered the room another panning shot is used to show what Ed can see in the room. This shows the audience what he can see and allows them to see a point of view shot of the room. Ed then walks over to the chair and a shot reverse\reaction shot is used to capture the conversation between him and Lewis. The shot cuts between the two characters and allows the audience to see the face of the person who is talking. Once the conversation is over an extreme close up shot is used to show Lewis hitting his fist on the table. This shows a high hierarchy of status as he is in the foreground and close up to the screen which means he is of  higher importance than Eds character. We then use another match on action shot to show Ed walking back through the door, followed by a panning shot when he gets through the door. This is to show him walk away. Throughout the film a 180 degree rule was used. By doing this we only shot clips from one side of the characters and didn’t go past halfway other wise we would have lost continuity. We did this so the audience were not confused at which character was talking.


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